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download the template you need for your project.

Seriously... do yourself and us a favor, and your projects will sail through production. Problems with artwork only slow things down and make everyone's life more difficult. Your mom wants you to use these templates.


Click on any category name to see all the templates available. Right-click on any link and download image to your desktop.


For the best possible results, we recommend you at least glance at a few of these to make sure your project conforms to our standards.

You should use templates because...
What types of files can I send?
What color mode should I use?
Bleed and crop marks
Can I use borders?
How do I set up files for proper rotation?
How do I avoid transparency issues?
Should I send a proof or sample file?
Overprint... it's bad... it's bad...
Correct document set up
How to set up a Spot UV job
But I wanted blue... not Purple!
How do I correctly export a pdf?
Grayscale images in a CMYK document
How do I achieve a rich black?
Cracking edges
Why is there cracking on my scoring job?

What is banding?


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